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I wonder what it's like.. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. No I'm not suicidal or anything, I'm a somewhat normal guy with questions.

I wonder if you keep on living your life.
Consider the following..

In an instance you run into the road for some reason and get hit by a car thus ending your life.
Now, Your dead, But what if when you die your conscience/soul simply moves to another you in another world. A you in which the car never hit you and you never died so to you, You never got hit by the car and continue your life normally. But in reality you have died.

What if the afterlife is just a continuation of this until you've lived a full life and died of age?

What happens after that?
Do you keep your conscience/soul?

Do you move into another world if not the same and begin again but somehow you know your you? Not the you in the previous would, Your don't have your old memories. But your still you, Same ideas thoughts etc, You just don't know it.

What if the you right now has gone through many different worlds or lives?

I find it hard to believe or at least can't bring myself to think that it all just ends, You would never know it existed it would honestly be nothing. Even farther then nothing. That can't happen, Somethings there.

No one can say what the afterlife is like because no one who is dead can tell you.
Unless ghosts are real which again would prove something is there.

All in all there can't be nothing.
If death means nothing then there wasn't anything to begin with.


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Bradley Pruskiewicz
United States
Hello. My real name is Brad.
Feel free to call me whatever.

I don't do it much anymore so I guess I'm a casual Cosplayer.
I enjoy anime from time to time but recently have been into Comics more.

I'd call myself a casual Gamer. Been PC Gaming a lot.
I graduated high school in 09. I haven't done a damn thing.

I'm sick and tired of the plain boring side of this world.
I wish something would happen, Good or bad I could care less.

I have no interest in political views so whatever there.

I strive to be the best person I can be, Of course that doesn't mean I'm not without some horrible mistake. I've done shit in the past but that's the past.

In general I'm a pretty laid back and level headed guy.
Though I have some crazy ideas and can be hyper.


If your casual on xbox or ps3 feel free to add me.
I also have STEAM as I seem to PC game more lately.

Gamertag - Berhtram
PSN - Non-Sequential

STEAM - Non_Sequential

I don't really have much else to say, Get to know me.

And that's about it.
Want to talk to me?Add my aim, msn or skype.
Never on aim or msn.

Aim - NonSequ3ntial
Msn -
Skype - non_sequential

See you around.

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